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Borasu Pass Trek – (8D/7N) 2021

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Borasu Pass Trek- is the Ancient Trade Route in the Himalayas


Borasu pass trek is a pass perched between high mountains in India which divides Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. It was used as a trade route between Har Ki Dun valley and Kinnaur valley. On the other hand, the Tibet border lies few kilometres away from this pass.


Therefore; it is great for adventure lovers!

Duration: 8 days / 7 Nights
Trek grade: Moderate to Difficult
Trekking distance: 67 KM
Maximum altitude: 5450 Meters
Nearest airport: Jolly Grant (Dehradun)
Nearest railway station: Dehradun
Mode of transport from Hardwar By traveller
Best Time for Treks: Summer – Day 5°C to 15°C = Night 2° C to 5° C May, June, September, October


COST 25000/-



Brief Itinerary

Day 1- Pick up to you from Dehradun railway station – Drive to Sankri Market – 210 Km (8/9 Hours (1920 Meters)

Day 2 – Trek from Sankri to taluka by taxi – 11 km same day trek to Cheludgad camp (12 km) (4/5 Hours) (2600 Meters)

Day 3 – Trek from Cheludgad camp to Bhasla camp Har Ki Dun (13 km) (6/7 Hours) (3645 Meters)

Day 4 – Trek from Har Ki Dun to Ratta Dho camp via Manida Lake (08 km) (4/5 Hours) (4105 Meters)

Day 5- Trek from Ratta Dho to Upper Lamjunga camp (09 km) (5/6 Hours) (4899 Meters)

Day 6- Rest Day for Acclimatization for next day hike

Day 7- Trek from Upper lamjunga to Borasu pass summit (5450 Meters) down to bonga camp (13 km) (7/8 Hours) (4470 Meters)

Day 8- Bonga camp to via rani kanda to Chitkul market (12 Km) (5/6 Hours) (3450 Meters)

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from Dehradun Railway Station and Drive to Sankri (base camp) by taxi

Total distance 210 – 8/9 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi or Traveller

Altitude Sankri base camp – 1920 meters

Night stay – Hotel – on a twin share basis Trek on India organizes transport for trekkers from Dehradun Railway Station in the morning which will leave for Sankri around 6:00 am to 7:00 am.

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and one of the most beautiful places in India. The main attraction of this place is Rajpur road go through it and get a glimpse of Dehradun’s beauty.

Reach Mussoorie after an hour which is also known as “Queen of Hills”. People visit it heavily during vacations with their family and friends.

After half an hour, stop at kempty fall. Have breakfast there and witness people from different parts of the world. The break will be of a maximum of 1 hour.

Ahead the peaks are visible and further you will come close to holy Yamuna River. If you want, then take a short break of 20 minutes and enjoy being around it.

Further, you will cross the small markets of Nainbagh, Damta, and Naugaon. Reach Purola around 1:30 pm and take a break there for lunch.

After having lunch proceed to Sankri via Jarmola. From there the back of Kedarkantha is visible. Go through the picturesque zig-zag road amid the pine forest of Jarmola.

Reach Mori and after 1 hour you will come across a check post. They will ask for Aadhar cards and some other details. Ahead lies Sankri, enjoy the drive and the wait is soon going to be over. Reach trekkers paradise and the main market of Sankri.

Go to hotel freshen up and enjoy evening snacks in the open terrace with great views. You will be provided with some details after which you can go for an evening walk but be at the hotel for dinner.

Enjoy delicious dinner and spend a comfortable night in the mountains

Day 2: Trek from Sankri to Taluka by taxi – 11 km same day trek to Cheludgad camp!

Total distance 23 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot – 12 km – By taxi 11 km

Altitude Cheludgad camp – 2600 Meters

Night Stay – Our Campsite – on a twin share basis

After breakfast, ready to all trekkers we will drive towards Taluka on the way to beautiful forest many species of trees, Taluka is a small village with concrete houses and you can easily find few shops and hotels there. Trek starts from Taluka and the sight of magnificent snow-clad mountains accompany you all along the way.

Go ahead, cross a bridge over a stream and follow the trail. Pass through dense forest and a Supin river on the way is visible flowing through the woods below. Continue trekking and a village named Dhatmir comes into right sight.

Ahead lies a lavish green meadow, which further leads to the forest section. The trail changes to the mixture of steep and leveled path and afterward to muddy.

After some hours of trekking, Supin River can be seen flowing through the woods. Now, again cross the forest section and reach the green fields and a shop on the way.

From here, cross a bridge and a little higher you are welcomed by the surpassing views of towering peaks. To reach Cheludgad campsite today, set up your camps here and retire for the night. Enjoying the first camping night here.


Day 3: Trek from Cheludgad camp to Har Ki Dun Camp Trek Distance – 13 Km – 6/7 Hours journey

Mode of the journey – On foot – 13 km

Altitude – Har Ki Dun camp – 3645 Meters

Night Stay – Our Campsite – on a twin share basis Waiting for you this beautiful Morning you feel that peace is all around. You will be getting ready for the Har Ki Dun.

1.5 Km distance from our campsite, you will cross the Supin River. From here you can see the Osla Village, which is the last village in this area.

There is a hard climb of about 800 meters. This route is used to reach the main route. After that, you will go through the beautiful straight path.

After resting 10-15 minutes in Kalkati Dhaar, flat grasslands will be visible throughout the route. You will not even know that When you reached Har Ki dun.

After going on the Har Ki Dun Trek you feel like staying at this place.

Har Ki dun is known globally. People come from abroad to visit Har Ki dun Trek. People become happy by looking at the litigants.

This place is highly rich in flora and fauna, so enjoy spotting a different variety of trees and animals in this region.

Ahead cross bridges, come upwards and a waterfall comes into sight. Come across many streams on the way which you will be crossing with the help of boulders.

Then the trail becomes steep and further gets leveled. A Supin river on the left will remain in sight until you reach Har Ki Dun campsite enjoy the moon night here


Day 4: Trek from Har Ki dun camp to Ratta Dho Camp Trek Distance – 08 km – 4/5 Hours journey

Mode of journey – on foot – 08 km

Altitude – Ruinsara lake camp – 4105 Meters

Night Stay – Campsite – on twin share basis Today after breakfast start trek Ratta Dho is also known as Lal Patthar. Today’s trek is not difficult but is 8 km long which you can be covered in 4 to 5 hours’. Follow the trail on which the Har Ki Dun Rivers flows on right.

You have to climb the valley through the muddy trail, cross this section and witness a vast meadow present in front on the other side of Supin River. This place remains all green in summers and becomes white due to snow in winters.

Ahead, the trail gets narrower and Manida Lake will come into sight after few minutes. Further, reach a picturesque green meadow blooming with colorful wildflowers. After a gradual climb, reach your campsite Rattha Dho (Lal Patthar).

The campsite lies before Borasu Glacier, a field with yellowish grass and colorful flowers. It is very windy because of its height and being ahead of the glacier Set up your camps here and retire early for the night.


Day 5: Trek from Ratta Dho camp to Upper Lamjunga camp Trek

Distance – 09 km – 5/6 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot – 09 km

Altitude – Upper Lamjunga camp – 4899 Meters

Night Stay – on twin share basis

Leave the campsite and head towards the Upper Lamjunga camp. The trail is steep and throughout the trail views of Borasu Pass and peaks will accompany you.

The path is beautiful, continue your trek on it and walk along the river’s right. Follow the trail through grassy meadows and come across a stream, cross it and continue your trek on the flat meadow.

Further, the trail becomes rocky and you have to balance and walk carefully on it; you will be walking there for 5-15 minutes till you reach another grassy meadow.

The trail is rocky and grassy along several small streams all formed by the melting waters of Borasu Glacier. Cross a ridge to reach there.

Start climbing the ridge and traverse it in 45 minutes or 1 hour and reach the flat land full of small rocks. After flat land, the climb gets steeper. Once you reach the meadow used for camping by shepherds, from there enjoy the magnificent views of Borasu Pass and Borasu Peak both.

Now, start your ascent to Upper Lamjunga and the climb is steep over a ridge. Lamjunga campsite is not far away now and within an hour you can reach there. This place is all surrounded by snow-covered mountains and it remains covered in snow even at the end of June.

You can see Borasu Glacier and Borasu Pass from here. Clear up the snow to set up your tents. Overnight stay and dinner in camps.


Day 6: Rest Day for acclimatization upper Lamjunga camp: –

Waiting for this beautiful Morning. Today you can get up late in the morning at 7:30 – 8:00 A.M, you need rest. Because tomorrow is going to be your big day, so you need Yoga and Meditation. As usual, you will get tea or hot breakfast. After having breakfast, you have to plan tomorrow’s trek with Trek on India guide and team.

You can also do explore near the campsite so that you get ready for the next day Trek


Day 7: Trek from Upper Lamjunga camp to Borasu pass summit (5450 Meters) descends to down path bonga camp

Trek Distance 13 km – 7/8 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot – 13 km

Altitude – Borasu pass – 5450 Meters

Night Stay – on twin share basis Today descends to is a long day trek and you need to start early morning. Have your breakfast and start soon. Reaching Borasu Pass from Upper Lamjunga is about 13 km Head towards the borasu Pass, both of the Pass and Glacier are visible. There are big rocks on the way, and you have to pass through this section.

Use your ice axe to cut the thick snow and move further. Now, cross steep ridges and reach the left ridge and start ascending, it may take some hours as the climb is tough. Go further and the rocks there indicate towards the pass, after three hours you can reach Borasu Pass summit.

Reach there and encounter snow all over the White Mountain peaks, fields and glacier. Snow-covered mountains captivate everyone!Now, plan your descent and it is going to be difficult and steep, you will be needing ice axe, Rope, and with your guide, porters help to slide down the steep snow and ahead it becomes level. After some time of descending witness, frozen waterfalls and the ascent starts now, crosst it and get a glance at Bonga campsite.

Continue walking and after crossing a stream come across a green meadow, this is the campsite for today and from here beautiful Bonga peak is visible.

This campsite is extremely beautiful with green meadows around, crystal clear streams and view of snowy mountains, they all together make a picturesque sight.

Rest here, have your dinner and enjoy relaxing in tents.


Day 8: Trek from bonga camp to Chitkul Village this is the last village

Distance – 11 km – 6 /7 Hours journey

Mode of journey – on foot

Altitude – Chitkul Village – 3450 Meters

Today last breakfast with team Trek on India – Bonga camp Today is the last day of Borasu Pass trek, the initial trail is full of loose rocks and beautiful view.

Take the trail which follows the stream, cross it and walk on the rocky terrain and further across several streams on the way.

Therefore, the trail becomes levelled and there are rocks kept together by shepherds as their settlement. Here, a clear stream flows in between of a meadow. Continue walking and witness abundant wildflowers and vegetables which are used by shepherds.

Trek through the dense forest, at the end of the forest trail, Rani Kanda with the Beas River can be seen. Continue your descents and reach Rani Kanda. Rest here for some-time and leave for Chitkul village, the trail is flat and well defined, you have to cross bridges to go further, continue your trek, cross a stream and reach Chitkul village.

Finally, there are wooden houses and grassy fields very friendly people, talk to the villagers and know about their lifestyle.


What is Included in This Trek?

  • Transport
  • Forest Permit and entrance fee
  • Accommodation in Hotel Sankri
  • Accommodation in tents on twin share basis
  • All meals: breakfast, packed lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup and dinner
  • High quality tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Mattress
  • Liner
  • Pillow
  • Separate Toilet tents – Ladies and Gents
  • Dining Tent
  • Dining Table
  • Kitchen team
  • Radio Walkie Talkie for Communication
  • Good Experience Trek Leader guide and Technical guide
  • Medical Kit
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Crampons and Gaiters

What is Not Included in This Trek?

  • Personal Insurance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit
  • On first day En Route to base camp the Breakfast and Lunch Are Not Included
  • Last Day En Route Lunch and Dinner Are Not Included


How we are making your trek safe in mountain and Our Team Experience

Note: – (Important) our trek leaders are certified in Wilderness first-aid” and be aware of high attitude problems, and we carry whole first-aid kit and necessary medicines with us. Make sure you are medically fit for a trek or take professional advice if you feel you are unable to judge yourself. This is very important for us, nothing else!

Specially: – We would like to introduce our company Tonybikecentre Community in India that has been in the field of Adventure Tourism for the past many years’ ego. India’s Fastest Growing Adventure Trips & Tours Community We Offer Trekking, Rafting, Camping, Bike Trips and Custom Package Tag & Use



With our local knowledge and fluent Hindi and English, we will ensure your trip runs smoothly and that your health and safety is our number one priority. All our team leaders have undergone professional courses in First Aid, Portable Altitude Chamber Training, Environmental Awareness Training, Advanced Wilderness Emergency Medicine and CPR. We carry a comprehensive first aid medical kit on all our trips as well as a Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC Bag) and medical oxygen for all high altitude treks.

We specialize in all sorts of group adventure holidays – be it family groups, friends, or school groups. We have a wide range of travel options to suit all travelling styles and fitness levels. We lay much emphasis on group size so that every individual gets personal attention.


How Tonybikecentre is making your trek safe

Tonybikecentre has always been at the forefront in bringing in new safety practices into Indian trekking. Microspikes for walking on snow were introduced by Tonybikecentre Emergency bottled oxygen on all tracks was made mandatory by Tonybikecentre. So was using pulse oximeters to test pulse and oxygen saturation levels. Radio as a safety communication device was introduced in treks by Tonybikecentre. Though not every organisation follows these systems, I am happy to see many of our competing organisations adopting these practices (fairly quickly, I must admit!).


Here then are the new safety protocols that Tonybikecentre India is bringing in

On-Trek Safety Checks

 *Stretchers team on every trek

*High Altitude Medical kit


*Technical team on all snowy slopes

*Microspikes on all snow treks

*Trek Leaders and Safety

*Mountain Staff and Safety


What kind of food does Tonybikecentre provide?

Tonybikecentre India provides Indian vegetarian food. Your typical meal will consist of roti (Indian bread), sabzi (vegetable), dal (lentils) and rice. Add to it a sumptuous dessert

We serve three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from that, you’ll get tea and snacks in the evening and a hot cup of soup before dinner. If you’re in for a long day of trekking, you’ll get a packed snack as well.

Our menu is designed after elaborate research on nutritional requirements for trekkers. We take the exercise put in, the altitude gained and the weather you’ll face into consideration before putting each meal together. You’ll notice that every meal is nutritionally well-balanced with the right amount of carbs, protein, vitamins, fibre and calories.



  • Minimum age of the rider for this tour should be 19 years.
  • Minimum Trekker required to start a tour is
  • The tour can be cancelled if, the riders are less than 10 in number, per group.
  • If, any Trekker wants to leave the tour in between then he has to pay the transportation cost from the leaving point till Dehradun.
  • Trekker must have proper gears for the tour or they will not be allowed to join the group.


  • Your safety is our priority.
  • No compromise on your safety.



1. 1 original address proof – Election Card/Passport/Adhaar Card/ Pan Card
2. 1 passport size photographs


  • PAYMENT TERM: 100% ADVANCE Once the order gets confirmed, we will send you our account details where you can submit RS.5, 000/ AS BOOKING AMOUNT. REST 50% of the tour cost BEFORE 60 DAYS OF THE TOUR and the balance to be paid 30 days before commencement OF THE


  • COVID PRECAUTIONS: Team TOI will take all the precaution during the tour to keep its team and clients safe from Covid 19 and will follow all the protocols. All the travelers should follow all the protocols for the safety of the group. If, wearing of mask/hand wash/social distancing & other precautions are` not taken then the team leader has the authority to take action against that If, any traveler during the tour feels any such symptoms than he/she should immediately inform the leader so that immediate action is taken.


No. Of Days Before Tour Date Amount Refundable
Up to 60 days or more before tour date 100% refund
Between 45 to 59 days before tour


Between 30 to 44 days 50% refund


  • Trakker should be clear that what they have chosen is not a joy, family or luxury ride / trip, it’s a real tough challenging tour so be ready to face it with a positive mind
  • REQUEST: Kindly, go through all the written material & attachments very carefully and clear all your doubts before booking or before the tour starts as once the tour starts we want to move like a family, enjoying and facing all odd & evens with a clear positive attitude and without any Once the order gets confirmed then it will be considered that you have gone through all the terms and conditions and agree with it.

We want this tour to be a memorable experience of your life!!!!!

  • We will send the detailed itinerary as soon as the order gets confirmed.
  • For any other required tour query please feel free to contact on the following numbers or best is to send a mail to us Contact:


Mala Trehan:     9899835312

Rajesh Trehan: 9811281681

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