Tony Bike Centre Travel Stories

General Travel Tips

  • Always carry road maps while traveling.
  • National Highway is a prominent red line on the map indicating 10 feet wide road.
  • Road sides food points known as Dhaba’s are found almost is all parts of India. They can give the best information about the roads as these are the places where most of the truck drivers & tourist taxi’s drivers stop & eat.
  • Since spares, tools take up lot of space & weight, carry minimum amount of clothes. Buy use & throw clothes, they are cheap any where in India.
  • Drink lot of water while riding & eat light food.
  • Take extra precaution while crossing small villages on the highway. Children, cows, etc. can anytime come in front of your bike so check your brakes.
  • For night riding its better to have halogen bulb. Always carry a spares tail light bulb. Its always better to put radium stickers on the rear number plates & on the edges of the carrier.
  • Never put all your money in one place. Distribute it in different bags. For emergency you can also keep your money in tool bob. In case one bag is stolen atleast you have other bags. Prefer ATM’s than traveller’s cheques ATM of State Bank is better choice as it has more ATM’s than any other bank in remote states.
  • Carry torches, flashlights, candles & matchsticks with you. They will help you in remote areas where light at night go often or in case of a breakdown of your bike at night.
  • Always wear a full faced helmet not open face helmets. Helmet should have a face shield. The Helmet should be tied properly, the strap should be pulled highly, it should be snug fit, & it should not be possible to he rest it around your head.

Important Papers to be kept

  • Original bike registration papers
  • With Insurance.
  • Pollution Certificate.
  • Driving License
  • Photo state / Xerox copies of all the above paper


Due to hot air heats up in the tyres & expands increasing the air pressure. Right amount of air in the tyres while riding is very important.

  • Front Tyre – 18
  • Rear Tyre – not more then 30.


  • 2T Oil with petrol
  • 2% is good enough
  • Can add 200ml – 250ml on a full tank


Check it regularly & keep 500ml oil can with you on the ride.


  • 70kph is ideal speed
  • Give good mileage
  • Bikes doesn’t overheat


  • Should be little loose
  • Tight Chain can overheat bike
  • & can damage sprocket

Just have a safe and memorable ride.

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