Visiting Leh – Ladakh is like a dream come true. High Altitude mountains, Snow-fall, minus degree Temperature, Close to Raw Nature. I mean the Leh trip has much more to offer that we could ever imagine. Here in this Blog, we wish to guide you “Things That You Should Definitely Do On Your Next Leh – Ladakh Trip”.

Following are the “Things That You Should Definitely Do On Your Next Leh – Ladakh Trip”

Ladakh is most of the time one time activity. Very few people visit this place again and again. Factors are many Cost, Time, Terrains, weather etc. So whenever you are planning a Trip to Leh – Ladakh, make sure to do the following. This would make your memories to this place more stronger and beautiful.

  1. Take Picture of Your Vehicle (Car / Bike) next to the great roads and Views that you have Ride.

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

2. Try Searching for a Rainbow

Rainbow at Ladakh

3. Witness A Beautiful Sunrise

Beautiful Mornings

4. Spend Time with Ladakhi Kids

5. Use Open Rest-Rooms

6. Get Yourself Clicked with Indian Army

7. Search for this Sign Board and Get yourself Clicked

Khardungla Top

8. Search for Yak and get it clicked:

Yak at Leh Ladakh

9. Give yourself Peace by Sitting alone at Hush

10. Capture a Seagul (Bird) in your Camera

Seagul at Ladakh

11. Reach Top of a Mountain Peak:

Mountain Peak

12. Show Your Moves:

Show Your Moves

13. Witness Ice and Snow all around You:

Snow mountain

14. Visit small Natural Ponds and Streams:

15. Click and Visit some amazing places, which does not look like India at one glance:


Wallpaper Leh Ladakh

16. Visit a Monastery

17. Take a Double Hump Camel Ride:

18. Find Colorful Flowers and Get Them Clicked:

19. Create Stone Towers and Make A Wish:

20. Click and Meet “Himalayan Murmuts”

Apart from mentioned things. There is actually much to Do at Leh – Ladakh. Peak Season to Visit Leh – Ladakh is Only from May till August.

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