Ngọc Phan Hồng

My boyfriend and I rented a Bullet from Tony’s shop and did a 2 month road trip through Northern India and Far west Nepal. At the begining we were considering buying a bike but in the end decided against it to avoid risks and the complications of selling it later on. The shop spent two days to get the bike fully serviced before handing the keys to us so the bike was in excellent condition. We were also given helmets, spare parts kit and tools kit. We drove 6,500km without having any issue and were really happy with our bike all along. We might have spent less if we had bought a bike but a worry free journey is worth every penny. I would recommend Tony’s shop to everyone who wants to start their road trip from Delhi.

We loved our bike so much it was hard to return her when the holiday ended. 🙁 “Springbok” we named her. No. 4554

Lala and Freddie.

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