Jitender Kumar

I was with them for my ladakh bike expedition. the tour was very well organized and the food and accommodation was also quite good. I didn’t do any research about the terrain and weather of ladakh and totally dependent on these guys and trust me guys I don’t have any problem in the entire trip. Yeah some times things go wrong and not in your hand but that’s the part of the trip. For 13 days you be far away from your home and with some different person and soon they will become your family. The coordinator @mala mam , she was very kind. she takes care of every person very kindly. I like the way she operates things at such an age but as said “age is just a number” , totally fits the mam. she planned each and every thing but sometimes our plan doesn’t work that way but still she managed the things very well. I would recommend every person who wish to travel to these mountains on bike can trust upon these guys blindly. Anyone can go to this place and see the natural beauty and admire. thanks mam for making this trip memorable to me. I hope you guys will also have a experience like me.

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