A Ride to Discover Yourself – Leh Adventure Ride.

What do most of us think about a ride to Leh ? We visualize riding on high altitude passes covered with snow, a rough road with water crossings, sandy desert of Nubra , turquoise water of Pangong, 3 world's highest passes and so on. But is this all about going to Leh or does it have one more side to look at ? Yes, this amazing ride has one more side attached to it. Riding on these high altitude, lonely, dry, rough, snowy, slippery, watery roads is what builds abundance of confidence in a rider. Taking immediate decisions on the sharp curves, steep slopes polishes ones decision making power. Sometimes one has to rely on Maggie for few days and sometimes has to spent a night in a home stay tents with very basic facilities, actually cultivates a nature of adjustment in a person. Break down of bike, SUV and even health are normal issues on this route. Avalanche, land slide, water logging are also few more to be added but as the rider faces these problems one by one and as the days of this tour keep on moving , he also starts to learn that how one can move ahead even in these type of situations with very less facilities and help. Isn't it beautiful to learn to keep on moving to your destination while adjusting, handling and fighting with whatever situation comes on your way ? Friends, this ride is a jewel to be added in your life. It teaches a lot which cannot be gained by just reading or listening about how to polish your personality and know your inner strength. A ride to Leh is a practical ground to learn and know about yourself. Riders at the end of the tour feel that there was so much in them which they could have done but they were not aware about their abilities and qualities before, it was after this ride that they discover themselves and about their strength and qualities to handle all with positivity and confidence. After doing many tours with riders, listening to their tour experiences this is what I, felt about this ride. It's a real beautiful path to discover yourself practically. If, you can then be a part of it to know that yes, you are the God's best creation & he has given you the ability to manage all.

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