Geoffrey & Irene Geoffrey

Desmond George Hewitt from #Britain, with his wife Irene Elizabeth sharing their views of Rajasthan bike #tour. They did a 3 week long ride on 2 #RoyalEnfield #Himalayan #bikes from #tonybikecentre.

Bryan Griffiths

Bryan Griffiths from UK did Leh Ladakh Bike Expedition on 9th June, 2017 with Tony Bike Centre. His friend John Evans also was with him. Both did the Solo ride on 500 cc Bullets. Bryan at the age of 62 was one the most active and lively member of the group. Here is a short video where Bryan shares his views about doing the Leh ride with Tony Bike Centre.

Rolf Mattmuller & Cecile

Rolf Mattmuller, from Switzerland, with his wife Cecile did The Leh Adventure Ride -2017, with Tony Bike Centre. He did this ride on a 500 cc Bullet Standard. We had a wonderful time with them as they both were full of positivism which is a must for this type of adventure rides. From day 1 they wanted to adjust completely with the Indian atmosphere. They wanted to have Indian food only, drink Indian tea only & wanted to know all about the place and people whom we met during our tour. Rolf is our old esteemed client and has done this tour (solo) before but this time also the freshness and zeal to ride and know more was same as it was there the 1st time he came to India. For 2 months, before coming to this tour Cecile joined English speaking classes in Switzerland so that she can understand us. Now this is the spirit ………….We would love to have them again with us on another ride. Missing both of you.